Physical Goods Return Policy

We typically do not offer returns on physical goods that are in proper working order, although we reserve the right to provide a partial refund to accept an item back in proper used working order.

If you have purchased a physical good from us that is having any sort of issue, such as a computer or a PC component, bring it back and we’ll figure out how to address it or your money back.

Repair Services Return Policy

If you have any issues with a repair service we’ve rendered, we’ll make it right or your money back.

Perhaps you discover we didn’t root out all of the issues with your system. It happens, we aren’t perfect. Just bring your system back, and we’ll keep working on it until we’ve either fixed it or we have to wave the white flag and refund your money (very uncommon).

If your incomplete repair service included physical components, we will also refund those if we’re unable to fix your issue.